Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Play-by-Play

So, I'm home. It's nice to be home, not so nice to be back to work and maddening that I completely missed the BABY!
My dear friend in Colorado had a baby due on the 24th of August and I got in on the 25th. I was so excited she hadn't hatched yet and thrilled at the possibility of being there for the birth. Alas, when I left on the 31st (in the evening, no less) still no baby.
I did get to give her the orange baby cardi with the pretty heart buttons and finished a second while i was there, blue with little seashell buttons (no pics of that one). Working on a third, purple with flower buttons. Baby stuff is so fast and easy! And I think I've finalized the pattern, so I may post it tomorrow or this weekend.
Here's the baby wearing the orange cardi:
If you need some perspective on what 41 weeks pregnant looks like, there's this one!
After we (the kiddo and I) left Colorado, we spent a couple days in Seattle before heading back home. I got to visit with a few friends and we stayed with our Oma.
Oma is the grandmother name we gave to my other mother, my mom's partner through my childhood. She moved to Seattle in 2001 and we try to get down to visit at least once a year.
So, yesterday morning around 5am, I think, my phone rings and it's Colorado calling to tell me they're on the way to the hospital (only because there were no birth center type places...don't get me started!) and another call around 10 to let me know the baby was born. I'm so happy for them, but bummed I didn't get to meet her on the outside.
Bummed was made a little better by getting to visit my Seattle friends, one in particular. She is also a knitter and she told me her favorite yarn store and I managed to get a quick trip in before we caught the plane last night!
So, that's about it for my trip, not very productive, but that's the way I like my vacation.
Then I had to come home and revive my plants that hadn't been watered and pick some burst tomatoes off the vine. I'm heading up to the big garden tomorrow and hoping at least a few things have survived my absence. Wish me luck!
Bonus picture, a rare shot of the four of us, almost five!

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