Friday, December 24, 2010

HA! Made you look!

I know, I completely failed at keeping up with that blog thing for the last six months. In my defense, I'm pregnant...? Does that count as an excuse? Due March 28-ish, another boy! Oh boy... Also, I'm open to name suggestions, we're totally stumped.
The other little guy turned FIVE in September. It's blowing me away watching him grow and become his own person. I may be biased, but I think he's pretty awesome.
I have been getting a little knitting done, mostly small stuff. A few hats, a couple shrugs, that sort of thing. The only thing I have a picture of right now is the Double Cap (Kat Coyle, KnitScene, Fall 2008) that I made a while back. They yarn I used was a little finer than called for in the pattern, but I think it still makes for a darn cute hat. These pictures are from our camping trip in Homer in July. It was colder there in July than it is some places now in December. Alaska is still pretty amazing.
So, I really hope to keep up with this. Maybe a New Year's resolution. Did I do that last year...? Probably. We'll see.
I also really want to kick my butt into gear and get an Etsy shop opened up. I want to have a little something coming in when I'm taking time off from my real job with the new baby.
I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season, whatever you're celebrating.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Is this thing on...?

If anyone is still reading this, I apologize for the 7 month hiatus. My excuses are many, but now I'm back.
In the past 7 months, not much has been going on in the way of my knitting. I have knit four hats and a shrug as a birthday present. I believe that is absolutely it. Although, a couple of the hats are new patterns and I hope to have pictures for you soon and patterns for you sooner than another 7 months.
Also! My cup hat won me first prize in the I (heart) my Lunette contest on FaceBook! They also asked if I might knit up a couple for the team over there. It's on my list of things to do. Along with socks for my mom's birthday, a couple hats and a shrug for various other gifts and a sweater that fits my son. And opening an etsy store. Wait, haven't I been saying that for about a year?
I'm not sure what's causing my knitting slump, but I do seem to be working back into my groove. I really hope I can come up with more fun stuff to knit and share.
As this is breaking my 7 month silence, hopefully I'll keep it up a little more. I promise pictures of the new hats, which were well used on our camping trip last weekend. Camping in Alaska in July is like winter camping somewhere where they don't actually have winters. It was still a blast!
I'm back, let's do this thing.