Saturday, November 29, 2008

Easily distracted

Okay, so the rainbow hat was tossed aside for more cupcakes. They're so fun! And fast!

The bigger pink one is also for my dear birthday girl, but it'll probably be sent with her Christmas package. The blue one is for my brother-in-law's girlfriend...she calls him cupcake! Very cute.
I've also started some more projects. It happens. The Skarf for dear hubby is slowly progressing and I have decided that I will never again double-knit. Hate it! I would rather use intarsia to knit two scarves and sew them would go faster. But I've already started and I'm not ripping that out. Plus, it's starting to look very nifty, I'll get a picture up soon.
In addition to the tie for my dad, I wanted to make him a hat. Not just any hat. I'm working up a sheepskin-looking ear-flap hat, the kind where you can tie the ear flaps up on the head. Did I mention nerd runs in my family? He'll love it.
So, since it's the weekend after Thanksgiving (hope everyone had a lovely time!) and I do my damnedest not to go out when that many people are trying to save, I'm thinking I'll go put up some lights and paint some ornaments. Maybe con the kiddo into helping. Being three, his artistic skills are in development and we NEED to paint! Not sure if the snow is going to stop or get worse, so maybe I'll put up the lights first...
Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There was some ice fog last night! It's been sooo cold, but I absolutely love it when we get ice fog! Here, let me show you why:I took these pictures from my driveway. Sometimes I'm totally blown away by Alaska in all her glory. Here's a picture of the fog burning off and the mountains hiding behind it before the sun completely came out.
I just had to share that, doesn't it take your breath away?

So, in knitting knews, I made the cutest little birthday surprise for my dear, dear friend who recently moved to Colorado. I sent her a birthday package today, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this, so I can post a picture.Along with some fun little things I've been stockpiling, I got it into my head that she NEEDED a knitted cupcake. So I stayed up late to get it done last night and shipped off her package today. A little belated, as her birthday was Monday, but best friends let you get away with that.
The cupcake turned out so cute, though, that I want to make a zillion more. I have another friend who bakes. Oh, she bakes! She's amazing! I want to make her a dozen knitted cupcakes for no reason at all.
So, aside from the one-evening project, I've managed not to cast on anything new. It's killing me. I have the feeling that I NEED another beret, and really, it wouldn't take long... c'mon. Please?
But the Kiddo's mittens! And my dad's tie! And that rainbow hat! Ooh...that rainbow hat. It's calling me.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some stuff on the needles

Hmm...well, I suppose I should let you in on what I'm up to. Since I decided not to finish the pattern for The Project right away, I've gone all crazy and cast on three more projects, I swear, I'll finish them! One is the tie for my dad for christmas.

Such tiny stitches! I'm only able to work on size one needles because the thing is about three inches at the widest point. It goes pretty quickly, in fact, since I took that picture I've knit another couple inches on it. I can't imagine that people knit entire sweaters on itty bitty needles. I couldn't do it.
Next on the list, I had bought (on ebay!) some of this lovely rainbow self-striping Zitron Loft yarn. The original intent was to make a rainbow felted bag with black icord piping. Sounds cute, no? Well, of course I never got started. But I recently found a pretty intarsia pattern that I thought would be pretty for this particular yarn. Whadda ya think?Aaaand I'm not really sure why my pictures are all turning on their sides. Not a fabulous picture anyway. It should be done pretty soon, then I'll have a better picture. I'm thinking of doing that three-point finish for the top with little pom-poms at the corners. I haven't done anything with pom-poms in a while, I need the ridiculousness.
The third project is another of my pattern that's going to be in Knitty (very soon!) so I can't put up a picture just yet. But on the upside, that might be finished by the time the pattern comes out, so it won't look like a mass of wierdness.
Okay, I have plans to take the Kiddo out for hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles, so I should get myself ready to leave the house.
Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Week is History

I thought that I would keep this a strictly knit blog. Then I decided I'd let myself use the loophole that this is a blog about my knit and my life. In my life, I am living history! This has been a hugely important week in United States politics. I won't go on and on, because if you agree with me, you feel the same way I do, and if you don't, there's another chance in 4 years. That's the really great thing about it! We have a say in what goes on. Really, this country can be amazing.
Okay, on to knit, shall we? I've decided to give myself permission not to finish The Project as scheduled. It's not completely done for, just on hiatus for now. There's enough stuff to deal with in my life without my hobby being a stress. So, on to presents! That's what I'm telling myself, but the first thing I cast on this evening was an experimental hat for myself. But it's only 8:15! By the end of the evening I may have one or two more cast on and revert back to The Project. I have a short knitting attention span.
Okey dokey! Time to get crackin' on some non-stressful, non-productive knitting!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and Holiday Knitting

I got to take the cutest little purple dragon trick-or-treating last night! He's been wearing the costume for about a week and if he's in it, he gets upset when I refer to him as Kiddo, Bubba, Baby or any other name besides Dragon. He cracks me up!
I had hoped to go out after Mr. Dragon crashed out, but, sadly, it was not to be. The Hubby and I just stayed home and watched a DVD. For all the fun stuff that goes on in this town for Halloween, I missed it all. I'm bummed that I didn't get to dress up, Halloween is usually major for me. Good news is, there may be some girls' night plans solidifying for tonight! And possibly some plans for sugar skull decorating for Day of the Dead. If that pans out, there will definitely be pictures!
On the knitting front, I've got project ADD. The Project is about 80% done and I desperately want to do something else. But I really need to finish this one and start on a SECOND one. Damn. The queue of projects in my head is getting longer! And the time between now and the holidays is getting shorter! Not that all of my presents this year are going to be knitted, I just don't have time. Especially if I want to finish The Project, including pattern. Ugh...just thinking about it makes me want to make something easy and unimportant. But it will be very nice when it's done. I'm just arguing with myself on my blog. Fantastic.
Let me tell you about my plans for holiday knitting. No, I'm not just trying to kill time. I want to make my dad another tie, I really like the Knit Picks Bias Knit Tie, and he actually wears it. I used Panda Silk for the first one, but I think I'd like to try KPPPM, see if he'll wear something a little less subtle. For the Hubby, I have had an idea for a scarf for him that I've wanted to make for years and I'm determined to get it done this winter. If it turns out the way I'm hoping it will, there will absolutely be a pattern posted! It will be called "Skarf" and if that gets your attention, just you wait!
I want to make a cozy hoodie for the Kiddo, too, but I think that will have to wait till post-holidays. That's fine, though. I refuse to buy/make him any clothing that isn't at least a size too big. Kids grow too fast to clothes that only fit them for 6 months! The winters here last long enough that a hoodie will be useful for quite a while. I really like Knit One, Crochet Too's PJ's yarn. It's a little ribbon of fleece material and I think it would make an awesomely cozy sweater. But that's not in any of my three tubs 'o yarn and I should use up something else before I invest in more yarn, even enough for a toddler sweater.
Okay, I suppose I'm done for now. Procrastination time over, time to KNIT!