Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crafty Holidays

Maybe I'll make it a resolution for 2010 to blog more regularly. And get crackin' on the patterns I need to post. And get an Etsy store set up.
Anyway, I've actually been doing some knitting in the past month that I haven't been blogging. I get the Knitting Daily e-mails and they had a free pattern for some knit ornaments that I thought were cute. These are just the ones I have left. I think I've knocked out about 10 of them. Quick and cute, good little gifts.
My favorite local yarn store, Far North Yarn Co, got in some new yarn, Marshmallows. I'm not a big fan of novelty yarns, but this stuff is so squishy and cool! One ball makes a scarf in about half an hour. For about $11. Can't beat that!
AND! I finished my pretty cardigan out of the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. I'm really happy with how it turned out! I finished it a couple days before Thanksgiving, but I had to enlist the kiddo to get a picture of it. I'll try to figure out some sort of pattern for this. I think it would look nice in a finer yarn, too. Experimenting to do!
He also took this fabulous picture of me sporting my Noro top. I finished that this summer, but I don't think there was ever a picture. It's just a top-down raglan with yarn-over increases. I can't remember the name of the yarn. It took two skeins and I alternated skeins every other round so the stripes would show.
So, even though I've been neglecting you, my needles are still in use. In case I don't get around to posting again in the next couple weeks (likely), I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and new year!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Bit Personal

I have recently discovered the awesomeness that is a menstrual cup. Hey, I warned you this was personal. If you are a woman who is so lucky to deal with this on a regular basis, I highly recommend you look into one.
How is this related to knitting? Well, I was so inspired and I needed a way to bring it up in conversation...It's my new religion. Have you heard the good news?
Pattern soon, for the 2 other people who knit and use cups...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Step One

Friends, I have a problem. My problem is procrastination. I do believe I've had it most of my life.
But, I finally got around to posting the pattern for that baby cardi! Woo! It's at the expense of some current projects, but, hey, those don't involve getting a free pattern to my readership.
It recently started getting a little chilly, as I mentioned before. I took this picture a couple weeks ago. It was sunny and gorgeous in most of the city, then right at the edge, dark clouds and snow creeping down the mountains.
The past few days are giving me hope for a longer fall, because summer is definitely over here. I can hope there won't be snow for trick-or-treating, though.
The chill in the air got me furiously knitting that Alpaca Silk cardigan and I knit most of a wearable garment in about 4 days. Sounds quick, but it's on size 10 needles, I'm a cheater like that. The plan is to make a wide band that is the finishing around the fronts and neckline. That's the killer. I've managed to get about 10 inches knit in two weeks. It's a pretty cable pattern, but not so difficult that I shouldn't be completely done by now and wearing that thing out in the pretty fall weather.
I just decided to start knitting something else instead! I'm tentatively working on a stash of items for a local eco-chic boutique, scarves, hats, simple things like that. Thing is, the first scarf I made, I ran out of yarn half-way through the bind-off. Seriously. And it's knit lengthwise, so I can't just undo a row. So, I'm having a glass of wine and blogging.
That, dear friends, is why you have the cardi pattern now. The shame.
Usually it's the finishing that kills me. I promise that most, if not all, of my patterns will have the least finishing humanly possible, for myself and you. That cute leaf purse I made for my friend (should I make a pattern for that one?) nearly killed me. It was absolute torture sewing the lining to the outer. I had two inches left of whip-stitching, no problem, and it took every bit of my willpower to finish it instead of cleaning the bathroom or going for a bike ride. Anything but finishing, in both senses.
That's my rant on procrastination. I'm going to go finish my wine and probably watch a movie. I don't feel guilty!
Here's my favorite recent picture. A very small 40 year old yuppie in the back seat of my car:

Lillie Baby Cardigan - Free Pattern!

Edited Jan 2011: I added stitch count and hopefully clarified the sleeve/body transition.
Here it is! This sweet little baby cardi is exactly how I envisioned it. I'm disappointed I can't offer a picture of it on a sweet baby yet, but I'm working on that. I made a few adjustments from the original blue one, barely noticeable, but more structurally sound and appealing. The final pattern is the three button version pictured in orange. It is worked top down seamlessly (because, really, who likes sewing seams?) and uses only 4 basic stitches! If you need, Knitty has a great stitch index.
In all versions, I used Berroco Comfort because it's very soft, machine washable and dryable, inexpensive, comes in MANY colors, and one skein is enough. I imagine it would be adorable with ribbon yarn and the pattern would work just fine with any similar weight yarn.
Happy knitting for a little one in your life!

Size 0-3 months

What you'll need:

Approximately 200 yd/190m worsted-heavy worsted yarn
Size 9 (5.5mm) needles, one set of straight or a circular and a set of DPNs or a long circular for magic loop
Stitch markers
Scrap yarn
Yarn needle
Three buttons, one-half to one inch size

Gauge: 17 sts and 24 rows in 4 inches flat stockinette

Neck and Sleeve Shaping:
Using straight or circular needle, cast on 44 sts
Rows 1-3: K all sts
Row 4: K9, PM, K6, PM, K14, PM, K6, PM, K9
Row 5 (Right Side): K2, YO, K2tog, *K to 1 st before next marker, YO, K1, Sl M, K1, YO, repeat from * to end [52 sts]
Row 6 (Wrong Side) and all even rows through 24: K4, P to last 4 sts, K4
Rows 7, 9 and 11: *K to one st before marker, YO, K1, Sl M, K1, YO, repeat from * to end [Row 7 - 60 sts, Row 9 - 68 sts, Row 11 - 76 sts]
Row 13: Work as for row 5 (button hole row) [84 sts]
Rows 15, 17 and 19: Work as for rows 7, 9 and 11 [Row 15 - 92 sts, Row 17 - 100 sts, Row 19 - 108 sts]
Row 21: Work as for row 5 [116 sts]
Row 23: K all sts
Row 25: (remove all stitch markers as you get to them) K18, transfer next 24 sts to scrap yarn, K32, transfer next 24 sts to scrap yarn, K18 [68 sts on needles, 24 sts for each sleeve on scrap]
Row 26 (Wrong Side): K all sts, joining under-arms

The rest of the body is worked in a modified feather and fan pattern with edging worked in:

Pattern Row 1 (RS): K all sts
Pattern Row 2 (WS): K4, P to last 4 sts, K4
Pattern Row 3 (RS): K4 *[K2tog] twice, [YO, K1] four times, [K2tog] twice, repeat from * to last 4 sts, K4
Pattern Row 4 (WS): K all sts

Repeat these 4 rows ten times, less for a cropped version, more for a duster.
When desired length is reached, K 2 rows and BO loosely.

Remove 24 sts from scrap yarn and divide evenly over DPNs or longer circular for magic loop.
Begin knitting at underarm.
Sleeve rounds 1-15: K all sts
Rnd 16: P all sts
Work feather and fan in the round (below) three times
Knit one rnd, purl one rnd, BO loosely.

Feather and fan pattern in the round:

Rnds 1 & 2: K all sts
Rnd 3: *[K2tog] twice, [YO, K1] four times, [K2tog] twice
Rnd 4: P all sts

Weave in all loose ends. Attach buttons. DONE!

As usual, if you notice any errors in this pattern or have any questions, please contact me!

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's in the Air

Okay, so maybe you can't feel it yet except here, but there's definitely a chill in the air. In fact, on my way to work this morning, I did spy some snow on the mountains. UGH! I'm not ready for winter yet! Although it has kicked my knitting butt into gear. I've knit another lace leaf beret and started on a cardigan. I don't have pictures yet, but the cardi is being made in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in a pretty muted teal. I managed to get a good deal on Ebay a while two years ago. And I'm trying so desperately not to buy new yarn. My friend in Seattle says her yarn storage is now a display case in her living room and it helps immensely with the buying urge. I really should do that.
So, I've been meaning to post in the last couple weeks, but there's always something.
I took the kiddo to the State Fair on Labor Day, just the two of us, and we had a pretty good time. Sometimes his fearlessness worries me. He was completely unfazed:
And I have to show this picture because it cracks me up. How much ice cream can you cram in your face?
Also, he is now four. F-o-u-r. It's mind-blowing. We had a little birthday dinner at my mom's house on the day of, and had planned for a party on Saturday with some kids. Unfortunately there's a nasty bug going around, and in the last 8 days, the three in my house and at least one extended family member have gotten to see some graphic examples of digestion.
The good part is, he had it the easiest and was not entirely turned off of food.
Leaving on a happy note, before the weather really turned icky, and before we all got sick, there was some beautiful sun, a good bike ride and a harvesting of herbs.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Play-by-Play

So, I'm home. It's nice to be home, not so nice to be back to work and maddening that I completely missed the BABY!
My dear friend in Colorado had a baby due on the 24th of August and I got in on the 25th. I was so excited she hadn't hatched yet and thrilled at the possibility of being there for the birth. Alas, when I left on the 31st (in the evening, no less) still no baby.
I did get to give her the orange baby cardi with the pretty heart buttons and finished a second while i was there, blue with little seashell buttons (no pics of that one). Working on a third, purple with flower buttons. Baby stuff is so fast and easy! And I think I've finalized the pattern, so I may post it tomorrow or this weekend.
Here's the baby wearing the orange cardi:
If you need some perspective on what 41 weeks pregnant looks like, there's this one!
After we (the kiddo and I) left Colorado, we spent a couple days in Seattle before heading back home. I got to visit with a few friends and we stayed with our Oma.
Oma is the grandmother name we gave to my other mother, my mom's partner through my childhood. She moved to Seattle in 2001 and we try to get down to visit at least once a year.
So, yesterday morning around 5am, I think, my phone rings and it's Colorado calling to tell me they're on the way to the hospital (only because there were no birth center type places...don't get me started!) and another call around 10 to let me know the baby was born. I'm so happy for them, but bummed I didn't get to meet her on the outside.
Bummed was made a little better by getting to visit my Seattle friends, one in particular. She is also a knitter and she told me her favorite yarn store and I managed to get a quick trip in before we caught the plane last night!
So, that's about it for my trip, not very productive, but that's the way I like my vacation.
Then I had to come home and revive my plants that hadn't been watered and pick some burst tomatoes off the vine. I'm heading up to the big garden tomorrow and hoping at least a few things have survived my absence. Wish me luck!
Bonus picture, a rare shot of the four of us, almost five!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hi friends, just checking in before I take off on vacation for a week! Woo! I'll be heading to Colorado to sniff that brand new baby head smell and give a new cardi! Made a couple little tweaks to this version, I like it better.Not sure why it flipped...
Then we're off to Seattle, home away from home, for a few days just to hang out.
Aside from that, I've had some out of town family visiting, running around doing touristy things you rarely do in your home town. It's fun every now and then.
Also got some more cukes and berries for preserving. I'll take pictures when I get back.
It's late and I still need to pack some stuff. Have a lovely week (or so) everyone!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Viking Hat - Free Pattern!

Created as a unique birthday present, and a quick last-minute one at that. It knits up very fast and the yarn is fairly inexpensive. I figured that even if it was just a novelty, I'm not out much time or money, although he assures me that it will get plenty of use this winter!
I hope I don't earn a reputation for this, but there's a little short row shaping on DPNs and I know a lot of people found that to be trying in the Socktopus pattern. But I thought it was necessary to get the horns the right shape and I don't think it's quite as annoying in this pattern.
As ever, please don't hesitate to say something if you find something off in the pattern or you have any questions. I finally got around to putting my e-mail on my profile page, so now you can contact me directly. Have fun with this one!

What you'll need:

Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky
Color A: Bronze Patina - one skein
Color B: Sandy Heather (or a cream color) - 20 yards is a generous estimate, should be plenty
Set of size 10.5 (6.5mm) DPNs and/or a 16" circular of the same size
-I knit tightly, if you are a loose knitter, size 10 (6mm) would probably be just peachy
Stitch marker
Yarn needle
A bit of stuffing or scrap yarn to stuff the horns

Special Stitches:

Bobble - Knit into front and back of sitch twice (this requires a little tugging) so there are a total of 4 sts from the single one. Turn work and purl these 4 sts. Turn work again, slip first stitch to right needle, knit the next two sts together, pass the slipped stitch over, knit the next stitch and pass the (k2tog) stitch over, so you have a single stitch again.
(I really hope that was explained well enough, again feel free to contact me!)

W&T (on a knit st) - With working yarn in back, slip stitch to right needle, bring working yarn to front of work between needles, slip stich back to left needle and turn your work.

W&T (on a purl st) - With working yarn in front, slip stitch to right needle, bring working yarn to back of work between needles, slip stitch back to left needle and turn your work.


Using color A, CO 60 sts, place marker and join for working in the round.

Rounds 1&2: Purl all sts
Rounds 3&4: Knit all sts
Round 5: *K5, make 1 bobble, repeat from * around
Rounds 6&7: Knit
Rounds 8&9: Purl
Work st st (knit all sts) for another 3.75 inches
Begin decreasing:
Dec. Round 1: *K4, K2tog, K4, repeat from * around [54 sts]
Round 2 and all even rouns: K all sts
Round 3: *K7, K2tog, repeat from * around [48 sts]
Round 5: *K3, K2tog, K3, repeat from * around [42 sts]
Round 7: *K5, K2tog, repeat from * around [36 sts]
Round 9: *K2, K2tog, K2, repeat from * around [30 sts]
Round 11: *K3, K2tog, repeat from * around [24 sts]
Round 13: *K1, K2tog, K1, repeat from * around [18 sts]
Round 15: *K1, K2tog, repeat from * around [12 sts]

Cut yarn, leaving an 8 inch tail. Use yarn needle to thread tail through remaining 12 sts twice, pull tight and tie off.

Horn (Make 2):

Using color B, CO 12 sts, place marker and join for working in the round.

Knit 12 rounds
Work short row section two times as follows:

K9, W&T
P6, W&T
Knit to end of round, picking up wrapped st
Knit 2 rounds, picking up wrapped st on 1st round

Next round: *K1, K2tog, K1, repeat from * around [9 sts]
Knit two rounds
Next round: *K1, K2tog, repeat from * around [6 sts]
Knit two rounds
Next round: K2tog around [3 sts]
Knit one round, cut yarn leaving a 6 inch tail.
Use yarn needle to thread tail through remaining three sts, pull tight and tie off.


Stuff a little fiberfil, roving or scrap yarn into the horns to make them stand up.
Use yarn needle and an approximately 12 inch piece of yarn to sew horns to hat.
Weave in all loose yarn ends.

Lots of Things! And Stuff!

Hello, friends! I've been having way too much fun these past couple weeks, and I do feel a little guilty about not sharing any of it with you until now. But I'll try to make up for it.
I know I blather about my gardening adventure a lot, but I'll save that for a couple sentences to let you know that when I'm done blathering about my garden, I'll end this post and do another post which will be a new free pattern! Woohoo!
So, last night there was a birthday party for the fiance of [Friend Who Bakes] and it was a blast. He's in a black metal band, very much about the Norse roots, but not in a racist kind of way (I guess there's a lot of that out there). So I knit him a Viking helmet.
It was very last minute and I wrote down everything as I was making it so I could share it with my readership since I haven't posted a free pattern in a while and I've been promising the baby cardigan pattern for a while. Sorry it's not the baby cardigan! But it's a fun and super fast project!
And he loved it and wore it most of the night even though it's the middle of summer and the hat is made of wool. I made the kiddo model it for me, too, like I usually do with my finished projects. Bat-Viking!
So, that's my knitting news, for those of you who aren't as interested in the garden, you may be dismissed.
But we had a good week in gardening! A few tomatoes, some cucumbers, non-garden wild berries, and a little preserving.
I'm not sure what the deal is with larger tomatoes, and I'm certainly open to tips, they just seem to be so bland! The little cherry tomatoes were impossibly delicious, and I only started liking tomatoes a few years ago, but the bigger ones, and they're not even that big, were just kind of bleh. I don't remember what variety they are, I wish I did. We have some Romas growing in the cabin greenhouse and I hope they taste good enough to warrant using again next year. The cherry tomatoes are so very good, but they're not exactly ideal for making anything with. Any suggestions on flavorful tomatoes?
I was also excited to see some pickling size cucumbers in the greenhouse! I like pickles. A lot. Especially tiny ones. I got a few ranging between an inch and a half to about four inches long, enough for a half-pint of pickles, and I was determined to have my half-pint of pickles. But there was something else. This is the first time I've ever grown cucumbers, so I have no idea what to expect. Being from Alaska, I know very little about warm-weather plants, and my gardening policy in general is to just see how it goes. Perhaps someone else can tell me. As I was looking around for cukes big enough to justify pickling, I came across TWO of these monsters:
Where did they come from?! I think I was actually laughing to myself in the middle of nowhere over giant cucumbers. So I picked them, took them home, crinkle cut and pickled them along with my half-pint of tiny cukes. Two huge cukes = three pints of crinkle cut pickles. Crazy!
In addition to that, the kiddo and I wandered the property picking wild berries that ended up being enough to make a half-pint of jam with a little left over. I had some on my toast yesterday and it was pretty tasty! It's a little early for most of the berries here, so I had to mix three different types. Tart, sweet and unexpectedly flavorful. Later in the season I should be able to have enough to make batches of single berry jam. I think I just lost my punk rock lisence to being excited about preserving.
My last preserving adventure this week was zucchini relish. The sad part is, I had to buy zucchini. Our garden got a late start and I'm sure we'll have a bunch soon enough, but not yet. I bought local zucchini and carrots from the market though, so they're going to taste really good. Another thing I'll see if any of you know: Does the relish have to sit for weeks like pickles? None of the recipes I found said anything about it. Anyone know?
So, here's a jar of each, in all their glory. Hooray for preserving!
Now I have to go read some books to the kiddo and then I'll bang out the pattern for the Viking Hat!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Knit for your Weekend

Hello darlings! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty darn good and it's not over yet. It's been a little chilly and rainy this weekend, but that's okay. Spent some good time with family and friends! My mom came over Saturday and she and I and the kiddo went for a walk in the rain to the park near our house. I love the way the rain smells, especially after all the wildfire smoke this summer. Saturday night the Hub and I and some friends went to see some good music and have some tasty beer. He does a podcast with a couple friends and they focus on Alaskan musicians. This week they hung out with David Reynolds, boy and his guitar, definitely worth a listen! He had a couple gigs in town and is heading out this week. So last night it was the Snow Goose restaurant, which houses the Sleeping Lady Brewery. Good times.
Nice lazy Sunday morning today and in about an hour [Friend Who Bakes] will be coming over to sew! Although I'm feeling my sticks and string the past few days, sewing has a faster gratification rate.
I wanted to say a few things here, too. I've gotten a couple questions about my blog/patterns. The answer is YES. Link to me! I love how knitting and crafting can bring together people across the country and the world for no other reason than a common interest in yarn! Link to me! Use my patterns! Share them with anyone!
As far as selling things, I prefer my patterns to be for personal use, gifts and such. If you knit and someone else wants to commission a project, this seems perfectly reasonable to me. I'm going to try to get an Etsy store up and running in the fall and I'd like to reserve the right to sell my finished products commercially.
Let's end on a happy note, shall we? Another of my tomatoes is turning red and should be ready to pick in a couple days. This one is all mine!
Have a good week, friends!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Week in Crafting

So, here's the rest of the of the specifically designed chemo hats. Yarn is very important for these! I'm totally into Plymouth Oh My! yarn. I don't care that the stuff is not good for washing! It makes up for whatever it lacks in being SO SOFT. SOFT. This is the perfect yarn for chemo hats. Also tried some Bernat Natural Blends Bamboo. Very nice and soft too! And inexpensive. Well, both of those, really. And here's another shot of the wig, I think the kiddo took that picture, it's his new hobby.
Also, I'm finalizing the pattern for the newborn size of the baby cardigan. My thoughts are posting this size for free on here, then eventually working out sizing for up to 24 months and compiling into a PDF for my eventual Etsy store. So, that should be up soon. I'm making a set of them for my dear friend who has a baby due in a month! And I get to visit her in Colorado and hopefully get to meet the new bitty baby! So exciting! P.S. I know you're reading this and I just found the perfect buttons for the orange version!
In other craftabulous news (wow, my spell check didn't underline craftabulous) I've spent the past three evenings being creative with the kiddo. We got some of that Crayola Model Magic, pretty fun stuff. He made a ladybug I'm really impressed with. He's also started drawing faces and I have pictures on the fridge at home and stapled to the wall at work. Makes me smile when I'm stuck at work. Tonight we had [Friend Who Bakes] and her step-daughter over for hanging out with craft projects. Mostly beading, a little modelling clay. Good times!
On the garden front, I have no idea what's going on. I skipped the long trip this week because my dad went up the same time I usually go and he took care of the watering for me. Not too optimistic about anything but peas and potatoes. My plants at home are doing very well, though! Kiddo and I pick the peas as they grow. I figured out something to do with all the basil, too. My gawd, try this! Delicious. Seriously.
I got my first two little tomatoes and gave them to my dad. I should have swiped a bite before he ate them, now I'll never know how tasty they were! Sad. But there are more growing! It's so exciting to be growing food, even if it's way more time and energy than going to the store and grabbing a few tomatoes and peas.
Alright, time for bed! Woo! New free pattern coming soon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


We here at Knit For Your Life feel it is our duty to share some disturbing information with you. As you may or may not be aware, there is a growing problem in so many communities across America and the world. I admit that I have become involved and feel I need to share the facts with my readership so they may not fall into this vicious cycle, as I have.
I used to consider this problem something that affected people different from me, older people, people with more time and money to spare. But it turns out the problem goes deeper than that. Younger generations are getting involved, and the internet is so readily available with all the information you need whether for personal use or on a large distribution scale.
I admit, for me, it started as just something to try, I was never too serious about it. Personal use, I thought, maybe a little for family or friends if they wanted some. But before I realized it, things were getting out of hand and I feel I'm in over my head.
You may not realize it, but someone you know may be in the same situation. I personally know of at least 5 people with same problem I have, although they're not as deep into it as I am.
I feel it is up to me to do my part to make people aware of this problem and ask you to share this information with anyone you know.
I have a picture to share, but you may find this image disturbing.
Below is a picture of a recent crop from my "personal" stash.
Basil: It's easier than you think.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer time!

So, of course, I meant to have more pictures things I've gotten done, but here's a start. You'll just have to check back for more later!
Because there's pictures of the wig, but not of the other two hats I'm working on. Special wig and hats for chemo-head. Not the kiddo, he's just the model.
And I have yet to get a picture of the cute sweater I knitted out of that Noro. But stick around, baby, I can change! I've just been busy with summer. I need to get as much out of it as I can! The long days are amazing, but they're getting shorter already. We actually have to turn the lights on around 10:30, ridiculous. But we got a ride-along bike for the kiddo, since I hate trailers and he was too big for the plastic baby seat thing last summer. I love it! Some of the cheaper ones, people are giving bad reviews because the rear wheel locks up. We had the same problem once or twice, but it can be easily fixed by holding the pedals and pulling the wheel against them to tighten what's inside. No problems since, and it was $120 cheaper than the exellently reviewed REI models. But no pictures of that either.
I picked my first crop at the garden two weeks ago. Radishes are so gratifying! Picked the rest of them yesterday. Also have a second round growing.
OH! Guess what else! I've been really excited about trying pickling since we started this garden, so a couple days ago, I had my first attempt. My brother-in-law's birthday is in September and I'm %99.9 sure he hasn't, doesn't and won't read my blog, so I can post this. He likes spicy stuff, so I thought this would be good. He doesn't get them all, though!
It drives me nuts that they have to age, I want to see how they turn out!
Here's how I connect gardening to knitting: I really really want to knit a fruit and veggie basket, including the basket.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

I have some knitting to show! And some veggies from the garden! And a totally awesome looking first attempt at pickling!
But here's the catch: later.
I'm at work right now, sneaking a blog in. Later today I have to drive 2 hours to tend the garden, see how things are going and hopefully drive home tonight. Last week was a day-trip fail. I figured I'd head up when it was nap time for the kiddo and head home at bed time. Nap time worked, bed time didn't. He usually goes to bed at 8:00, but we got home after 10:00 and I figured since he was still up, he needed a shower. That makes for a cranky baby the next day, let me tell ya. We'll see how it goes today.
I have the day off tomorrow, though! And that means I'll have time to show and tell about stuff!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh yeah, I have a blog

It's been over a month since my last post. If you're still reading, you're probably one of two people. Hi guys!
Things have been pretty busy and I find I'd rather spend my spare time doing something other than blogging. I have some edibles growing in the garden and at home. The garden is some property about two hours away and I've added a 24 hour round trip garden tending to each week. It's fun though, I like to get out there. Especially since there's a mosquito magnet that really helps with the itch factor. I'm also growing tomatoes in buckets. My dad was headed up to the property tonight, so he took 4 of the 5 buckets to put in the greenhouse. I kept the 5th because it's the only one with fruit on it already and just in case he kills the others, I'd like to have one that makes it. We'll see. Mostly I'm worried about them getting burnt. It's too cold to have them directly outside, so they've spent their entire lives in my living room. As you know, it's just past Solstice and that means we're still having over 19 hours of daylight out of 24.
The garden takes up a lot of time, but I still get knitting in. I finished the Noro top, but don't have any pictures to show for it. Two skeins and size 15 needles makes a cute short-sleeved summer top and there's enough yarn left for half sleeves if you wanted to! The large gauge means it stretches to fit a range of sizes, I would probably say the single top would fit small through large.
I'm also fiddling with another Lillie cardigan, modifying a few things and getting the pattern worked up. But, of course, I interrupt myself with some sewing and starting more hats.
I've been thinking I should resolve to blog more often and try to keep my readership. We'll see how that goes...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Back to your regularly scheduled knitting blog

Okay, so I guess I can post a couple things. I just didn't want to do it in the same super-story blog.
So, here's that crazy/lovely/hideous Noro!
The picture doesn't do it justice, but I'm really excited to make a super loose knit pullover with stripes that don't match anything.
And some delicious looking roving I picked up because there was a little confusion with my pound of merino and, really, can you leave empty-handed?!
The hot pink is a merino bamboo blend that is, well, HOT PINK! The other is some really pretty tonal blue pencil roving and I've never used pencil roving so this seemed like a lovely start.
And, finally, summer hit Anchorage like a green bomb and it is awesome.

Deviating post/ Story Time

I'm sorry, did I promise pictures of yarn and spring? Sorry, I lied, something more important came up. My son had his first visit to the ER. And I'm going to tell the story!
I'll start out by saying he's fine, you don't have to stick around if that's all you wanted to know.
So, we got together for our first play date with a friend of mine who has three boys 8, 5, and 3, just right for going bonkers in the play area of a particular mega fast-food chain of the Irish persuasion, if you catch my drift. And the kids played, then ate, then played, then had some ice cream, then played some more and two minutes after I said, "Just a few more minutes, it's past your bed-time!" he bounced off another kid and into one of the padded poles. Now, these poles have padding held on with these little bands that probably break a lot. Because the high-traffic area padded poles mostly have the padding held on with zip-ties. So, as my son bounced off this pole, one of those poorly cut zip-ties happened to be right at the level of his forehead. I watched him bounce off and fall down, I saw a spot on his forehead turn red and as I was getting up to see what happened, blood started gushing down his face.
Side note: I really try not to exaggerate unless it's for humorous purposes and there's really nothing humorous about blood gushing down my only child's face.
Side note: I'm not an over-reacting parent. I have only taken him to the doctor outside of regular check-ups three times. The first was when his penis was dripping blood after his circumcision didn't go quite perfectly (but his wee-wee is fine now!), the second was when he had a full body spotty-rash and the only reason I took him in was because we were going out to the middle of nowhere for the weekend. And this is the third.
So, I grab him, run back to the table and grab a napkin for his head, my friend is trying to help get the blood out of his eyes. Another couple came over to help, the husband was a chiropractor, so he had some medical knowledge and, with the best intentions, tells me it's probably not as bad as it seems, head wounds tend to bleed a lot. So I lifted the napkin for a second and got, "Oh..."
So, of course it's the one time I don't have my phone. But this other couple helped us get to the emergency room, he drove so I could keep a napkin on the gash. She followed and they went home when we got in, but gave me their phone numbers (I called and thanked them profusely on their voice mail).
My mom met us at the ER, I called her from the couples' phone, but called my husband at work from my mom's phone at the ER.
So, at the restaurant, the kiddo cried for about ten seconds then just dripped tears a little. He's not much of a crier and usually gets mad at me if I try to console him when he gets any kind of minor boo-boo. So, as we're cleaning him up and figuring out how to get to the hospital he says, kinda quietly, "Mama, I'm gonna be okay..." If I hadn't been in do-something-now mode, I probably would have cried. He's such a tough cookie. He even feel asleep on the way to the hospital. And don't get all upset with me, he was talking and acting totally normal and I was checking his eyes. It was just past his bedtime and he had been playing for nearly two hours before.
So, the two hour ER visit went fine, he was bored, but got to have a pirate cotton-ball strapped to his head for a half hour and then "they glued me back together!" Which, really, I was glad it was the glue and not sutures. The doctor said there may not even be a scar (which I doubt) or that it would be pretty small. And might I say, if there's something that can get the hackles up on the coolest of parents, it's a harsh doctor asking the nurse for the [pointy metal tweezers] because there's some fatty tissue that keeps wanting to come out of there. Lady, it's a REALLY good thing you numbed him up first, don't think I won't take those tweezers to you!
That's about it, then. The little guy didn't seem to mind anything, the nurse said he was easier to work with than some 16 year olds. Plus, he got THREE stickers when we left!
This picture is a little dramatic...
Because he's totally fine and it's difficult to keep him chill enough not to rip the damn thing open again.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Picture Post!

So, my camera battery died before I could take the "after" pictures for spring. I have some other pictures to share!
In case I haven't made myself clear, I procrastinate. Big time. So, I had a birthday party to go to on Saturday and around Wednesday I decided I should make her a purse. Because I had some great bamboo handles and she's an earthy girl. And some leftover sage green tweedy yarn from the sweater I made for the hubby. I started and ripped it out about half a dozen times before deciding on a lace leaf pattern over cables or other lace patterns. It was a pain in the arse working around the handles, but I like how it turned out, and so did she!
I even added a couple elastic-top pockets on the inside. I'm big on pockets.
One of the things I wanted to post a picture of is some new yarn I picked up yesterday. I keep telling myself I should use more of my stash, but isn't there always something?! So the conveniently close yarn shop just got in some new Noro. I've never been big on Noro, the color combinations usually appeal to me as much as nails on a chalk board. Usually. Then sometimes they have something come out that I'm absolutely into. And it happens to be the most HIDEOUSLY AWESOME colorway ever! I'm not even going to link to anything. I have to post my own picture so you can see the true glory of lime green, fucshia, purple, teal, orange and more. Picture next post, I promise (along with the spring ones, right?)
So, sew. A friend thought it would be a good idea for me to teach her to sew. I don't really know much, so we did a little project together. It turned out pretty awesome! We went all matchy-matchy to the birthday party.
This, by the way, is the friend who BAKES. And this is the cake of awesomeness she made for the birthday party!
Not only was it super cool to look at, it was chocolate cake with raspberry cream on the inside. My mouth is watering just thinking about it...
And finally, the kiddo:
Tyrannosaurus Rex says "RAWR!"