Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Itch

So I have only just joined Pinterest. It was probably for the best that I waited so long! Right now, after a grocery run today, I'm prepared to make shampoo, floor cleaner, laundry detergent, and I'm sure at least one other thing I can't remember at the moment. Browsing Pinterest has got me DYING to craft! Right now, our stuff that we had freight shipped from Alaska is sitting at the shipping company until we can pick it up on Saturday. We have to rent a U-Haul because our vehicle is a Ford Focus coupe and we don't want to make 50 trips. I want my yarn! I want my sewing machines! I want the rest of my clothes and shoes and hair stuff and makeup and nail polish! I'm trying to be patient, it's just a couple more days.
Another thing; I can sometimes be a little narcissistic. I love looking at Ravelry to see all the things people have made with my patterns. So I searched socktopus on Pinterest. They're in there a few times, I was happy to see another way of getting people to make the little guy, but I saw a couple of the links were for socktopi for sale on Etsy. I don't really have an official policy, I should probably make one, and I think Knitty technically owns the rights to him, they paid me, but it kinda bothers me. I love the knitting community and how respectful people have been of my patterns. I've had people contact me about selling items made from my patterns on Etsy and seem to take it well when I ask them not to. I do have a goal of getting an Etsy store open, especially now that we are on one income and things are pretty tight, and I want to sell my stuff. I guess if I'm not asked, I can't say no. Anyway, many thanks to those of you out there who have contacted me and respected my wishes on this. I'm not going to go after anyone on this, I'm sure there are many people in a more difficult place than me and I try not to make assumptions. I'm going to let it go, I just had to say my piece.
Meanwhile, in Texas... today was beautiful! It was sunny and warm and I took the kids to a park in our neighborhood and got some good play time. As we were leaving, I looked across the bayou at the back of the park and notices a couple cows grazing. This amuses me to no end and my new dear Texas friend doesn't understand why this is funny.

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