Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is how I rock my Hourglass Sweater!
I don't remember when I made it. It may have been almost two years ago! That seems like a long time, but time really flies with everything that goes on. It looks a little wonky because I decided (as I do) to switch up the pattern a little bit. I used size 9 needles instead of the size 7 the pattern called for. I knit pretty tightly, so it was part that and part that I like a more open fabric. So, the neckline is a little wide and I probably should have added a couple inches to the body, it's a little short on me. But I still like it a lot! And today is the first day since it's the temperature has dropped that I haven't been absolutely freezing at work.
In other news, I really like the idea of having a pattern published! I had an idea for another pattern, similar to one I've made before, but different enough that it could be it's own pattern. After spending the weekend working on it, I decided it wasn't what I was hoping it would be. Frustration and knitters' block is now gone! I was inspired yesterday, and got what is hopefully a third of the project done! I'm to the difficult part, and writing the pattern for it is the hardest thing for me, but once it's done, I think it would be something some people would like to knit. If it doesn't make it into Spring Knitty, my goal, I'll post it here as a free pattern. If I have time soon, I'd like to write out and post one of my easy patterns on here to draw people in. Oh yes, I'm sneaky like that.
Well, I'm off to work on The Project some more while the Kiddo is napping.

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