Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Solstice!

A happy day, indeed! Time for the days to start getting longer. Busy busy weekend around here. Friday night was a (mostly) fun gathering with friends. The hubby ate something that didn't agree with him and got sick, no fun.
Saturday we headed over to my dad's house and had a family picture followed by extended family gathering and gift exchange. Whew. It's amazing how something that's not really much work can leave you so tired.
Bringing us to tonight! A lovely mellow evening at my mom's house, tasty dinner and cocktails. My mom had commented on the rainbow hat a while ago when she was over visiting, so I finished it and gave it to her. I like how it turned out and she seems to like it too!I finished off the top with a three-point bind off, I don't know if there's a name for that...anyone? I had to add the pom-poms! I'm sure my mom would have been fine without them, but really...pom-poms! They had to be added.
I think this turned out pretty nice, and I think it would look pretty nifty as a double-knit too. Too bad double knitting drives me crazy.
Speaking of that, the Skarf is coming along nicely! It looks exactly like I was hoping. I'd post another picture, but damn the hubby, he actually read my blog and saw the last one! Still think he's going to love it. So, when it's done and around his neck (noose or not) there will be a picture...and a pattern.
One more new project! For the crazy extended family gift exchange, I made some cute little lavender sachets. Super fast and easy, I think I managed to make two in three hours while also dealing with a needy toddler. "I want something to eat" "Let's read this book!" "I want to sit with you"
So, you know, Pattern next post!


Anonymous said...

I love that hat, cute photo of your Mom!!! hehe...

Abi said...

The hat is FABULOUS! I love it! Well done!