Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I don't know from cold

HAHA! I posted a blog a bit ago about the chilly weather and ice fog. Silly me, I think I tempted fate. For about two weeks, it's been hovering in the -10 to -20 F range (that's about -23 to-29 C), the kind of cold that freezes your nose hairs and makes you not want to do anything. So I'm trying my best not to do anything.
The only knitting I've gotten done in the last week or so is on some socks that have no owner. I know I'm not going to keep them, but I haven't decided who gets them yet. Because they're still abstract as a gift, it doesn't feel forced. I also need to knit myself a little eye mask for night-time since the hubby reads usually well after I'm asleep.
Okay, here's another thing! I've gotten some feedback on the cupcakes! You like them! So, next free pattern will be for cupcakes in three (maybe more!) sizes. I was inspired by the cupcakes in One Skein, but I think my pattern is different enough to be it's own pattern. Also, I'll try to work out a pattern for the rainbow hat, also to be modified for sock yarn so more of the pattern is visible. Whadda ya think?!
By the way, the picture was taken out my car window at about 9:30 in the morning. The moon is usually up most of the day, the sun, not so much.

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Rudee said...

I saw your socktopus on knitty and think it's adorable. I'm going to take that project on for a baby gift. Thanks for sharing.

Detroit is experiencing a biting cold too. Can't venture out unless many layers of wool are involved.