Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Week in Crafting

So, here's the rest of the of the specifically designed chemo hats. Yarn is very important for these! I'm totally into Plymouth Oh My! yarn. I don't care that the stuff is not good for washing! It makes up for whatever it lacks in being SO SOFT. SOFT. This is the perfect yarn for chemo hats. Also tried some Bernat Natural Blends Bamboo. Very nice and soft too! And inexpensive. Well, both of those, really. And here's another shot of the wig, I think the kiddo took that picture, it's his new hobby.
Also, I'm finalizing the pattern for the newborn size of the baby cardigan. My thoughts are posting this size for free on here, then eventually working out sizing for up to 24 months and compiling into a PDF for my eventual Etsy store. So, that should be up soon. I'm making a set of them for my dear friend who has a baby due in a month! And I get to visit her in Colorado and hopefully get to meet the new bitty baby! So exciting! P.S. I know you're reading this and I just found the perfect buttons for the orange version!
In other craftabulous news (wow, my spell check didn't underline craftabulous) I've spent the past three evenings being creative with the kiddo. We got some of that Crayola Model Magic, pretty fun stuff. He made a ladybug I'm really impressed with. He's also started drawing faces and I have pictures on the fridge at home and stapled to the wall at work. Makes me smile when I'm stuck at work. Tonight we had [Friend Who Bakes] and her step-daughter over for hanging out with craft projects. Mostly beading, a little modelling clay. Good times!
On the garden front, I have no idea what's going on. I skipped the long trip this week because my dad went up the same time I usually go and he took care of the watering for me. Not too optimistic about anything but peas and potatoes. My plants at home are doing very well, though! Kiddo and I pick the peas as they grow. I figured out something to do with all the basil, too. My gawd, try this! Delicious. Seriously.
I got my first two little tomatoes and gave them to my dad. I should have swiped a bite before he ate them, now I'll never know how tasty they were! Sad. But there are more growing! It's so exciting to be growing food, even if it's way more time and energy than going to the store and grabbing a few tomatoes and peas.
Alright, time for bed! Woo! New free pattern coming soon!

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There is nothing more exciting than the first tomato of the season. For the last few years I haven't tasted my first one either. A friend or an animal always seems to get to it.

I just found your blog this evening via Threadbanger! Your knit cupcakes are ADORABLE! I'd love to link to that post if you didn't mind.