Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Week is History

I thought that I would keep this a strictly knit blog. Then I decided I'd let myself use the loophole that this is a blog about my knit and my life. In my life, I am living history! This has been a hugely important week in United States politics. I won't go on and on, because if you agree with me, you feel the same way I do, and if you don't, there's another chance in 4 years. That's the really great thing about it! We have a say in what goes on. Really, this country can be amazing.
Okay, on to knit, shall we? I've decided to give myself permission not to finish The Project as scheduled. It's not completely done for, just on hiatus for now. There's enough stuff to deal with in my life without my hobby being a stress. So, on to presents! That's what I'm telling myself, but the first thing I cast on this evening was an experimental hat for myself. But it's only 8:15! By the end of the evening I may have one or two more cast on and revert back to The Project. I have a short knitting attention span.
Okey dokey! Time to get crackin' on some non-stressful, non-productive knitting!

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