Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some stuff on the needles

Hmm...well, I suppose I should let you in on what I'm up to. Since I decided not to finish the pattern for The Project right away, I've gone all crazy and cast on three more projects, I swear, I'll finish them! One is the tie for my dad for christmas.

Such tiny stitches! I'm only able to work on size one needles because the thing is about three inches at the widest point. It goes pretty quickly, in fact, since I took that picture I've knit another couple inches on it. I can't imagine that people knit entire sweaters on itty bitty needles. I couldn't do it.
Next on the list, I had bought (on ebay!) some of this lovely rainbow self-striping Zitron Loft yarn. The original intent was to make a rainbow felted bag with black icord piping. Sounds cute, no? Well, of course I never got started. But I recently found a pretty intarsia pattern that I thought would be pretty for this particular yarn. Whadda ya think?Aaaand I'm not really sure why my pictures are all turning on their sides. Not a fabulous picture anyway. It should be done pretty soon, then I'll have a better picture. I'm thinking of doing that three-point finish for the top with little pom-poms at the corners. I haven't done anything with pom-poms in a while, I need the ridiculousness.
The third project is another of my pattern that's going to be in Knitty (very soon!) so I can't put up a picture just yet. But on the upside, that might be finished by the time the pattern comes out, so it won't look like a mass of wierdness.
Okay, I have plans to take the Kiddo out for hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles, so I should get myself ready to leave the house.
Have a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! The hat is beautiful! Any chance you can direct me to the pattern? Or post the location?

likeOMGitsFEDAY said...

I'm fairly new to knitting and have trouble keeping my small stitches from getting too tight. any suggestions?