Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There was some ice fog last night! It's been sooo cold, but I absolutely love it when we get ice fog! Here, let me show you why:I took these pictures from my driveway. Sometimes I'm totally blown away by Alaska in all her glory. Here's a picture of the fog burning off and the mountains hiding behind it before the sun completely came out.
I just had to share that, doesn't it take your breath away?

So, in knitting knews, I made the cutest little birthday surprise for my dear, dear friend who recently moved to Colorado. I sent her a birthday package today, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this, so I can post a picture.Along with some fun little things I've been stockpiling, I got it into my head that she NEEDED a knitted cupcake. So I stayed up late to get it done last night and shipped off her package today. A little belated, as her birthday was Monday, but best friends let you get away with that.
The cupcake turned out so cute, though, that I want to make a zillion more. I have another friend who bakes. Oh, she bakes! She's amazing! I want to make her a dozen knitted cupcakes for no reason at all.
So, aside from the one-evening project, I've managed not to cast on anything new. It's killing me. I have the feeling that I NEED another beret, and really, it wouldn't take long... c'mon. Please?
But the Kiddo's mittens! And my dad's tie! And that rainbow hat! Ooh...that rainbow hat. It's calling me.

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