Friday, April 24, 2009

Not terribly exciting

Unless you're me! Yesterday, it RAINED! Real rain! I know, for so many people that's been the whole winter, just lots of dreary rainy days. But I'm really psyched because it wasn't snow, or even slush and it smelled like wet earth and after 6 months without it, that is an AMAZING smell!
Also, had another sewing night last night and we actually got to the sewing part. After patchwork matching with the help of some creative juices (read: tequila and margarita mix), of course! It's a not really top secret projects and there will be some fun pictures when they're done.
I sewed today, too. This is only important to one person, but there are two new baby dresses of indeterminate size (have I mentioned I don't use patterns much?) and the baby size to weather ratio is the determining factor in who gets them. Two baby dresses in one day is some decent productivity...there will be more!
Oooh! Oooh! Since I do kind of advertise this as my knitting blog, I'll throw this in. I wrote about the now pith-covered Corriedale wool I got on Ebay, not impressed. In searching prices on Ebay versus local supplier, I find they're about the same. So, now I'm waiting to hear back on a pound of merino. Something I know for certain is sweater-worthy. I have a picture in my head of the perfect poppy red cardigan made from hand spun and Kool-Aid dyed yarn. If you could see it, you'd totally be on board with me and asking me for the pattern, I swear! Here's hoping my hands and my brain will see eye to eye and make it happen!
Here's a random picture for good measure. Where I was at this time last year, Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

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Sunnya said...

I'm a few days late...

Wasn't that the perfect day? I don't think we've had one so nice yet this year.

P.S. I'm snuggling a llama.

Miss you guys.