Sunday, May 3, 2009

I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew with the whole seedling thing. I don't have enough dirt or containers for everything and they're taking over!
Okay, the big tomato plants I bought at a greenhouse, but the rest is growing faster than I expected. This picture doesn't include the two big pots housing the okra and peas. Oy vey!
I have a couple pictures to demonstrate spring in Alaska.
Taken Saturday and Sunday in a couple locations, I'll have pictures next week from the same spots and chances are everything will be green, the lake will be totally melted and it will be awesome! (Yes, we do have a plastic deer in our yard, the kiddo likes to ride it like a horse.)
And, of course, knitting news. Spring makes me super productive, planting, sewing, knitting, all of it getting done in the last few days. I started this baby cardigan last night and finished it this morning. Quick, easy, cute! I suppose I'll write out the pattern.
Off to do something else before Monday sets in...

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Abi said...

My memories of spring in AK have a lot more doggie poo in the dead grass... hmmm...